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Schugar - Future Organic EP

Product Description

Future Organic tells a story of symbiosis in nature. Man and machine.  Nature meets nature's creation.

Schugar's Future Organic EP is a fantasy world based on an assumed reality; an unreality breathing its own life into the current existence that we live. Influenced by nature, art, design, science fiction and science fact, Schugar's Future Organic is about the very naturalness that humans reject in the creations of their own being; whether by chemical, alter-natural, mechanical or manufactured processes. The music of Future Organic asserts that human creations are from a being of nature, thus making those creations an extension of the natural world.

Future Organic is the evolution that we are afraid of and the evolution that we have designed. The beauty of the natural world is, at its best, disjointed and bipolar. It is a flower that blooms or a building that is imploded. Creativity comes in many forms and by its very nature, is a natural phenomenon. Due to this realization, it is easy for Schugar to see the beauty in Machines, Computers, Construction and Destruction. As Schugar lives in this world he becomes more in tune with these ideas. There is no such thing as a dark future. It is only the Future. It's natural and beautiful. Created by the evolution of man into machine and then back to the earth.

Future Organic is an ongoing theme in Schugar's work. As these ideas were sculpted with a computer, they have very real instrumentation and fluid grooves. Kuh Chit, Discosity, In the Slurry & Boop Slack are deep, emotional and alive.

Degrees Ov Separation is a Net Label delving into the nuances in the current creative realm of machine music in the age of computers. This is Post Techno and all of its derivations.

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